Cretur Fetur

Needle felted sculptures of animals and of some other things.


after the Mexican folk sculptures of colorful monsters


order chiroptera
Hoary BatBlossom batBig brown batRed batPallid batIsland flying foxSpotted batLittle brown batEastern pipistrelleHonduran white batMexican Freetail Bat


ambystoma mexicanum of several varieties
Golden albino axolotlLeucistic axolotlMelanoid axolotl

Uncommon Animals

featuring the underknown and underloved
Male chevrotainKeaBinturongCoffinfishTamanduaGreater chevrotainAfrican Wild Dog / Painted DogHoatzinMr. Burns Beaked ToadTiger quollSpringhaasSeveral small simple hyenas


custom-ordered creturs
Jet PlasticSnowy OwlMeerkatCalifornia quailLadybugMalayan tapir (baby)Malayan tapir (adult)RaccoonOctopusEarwig


nonsense, one-offs and pigs
HodagSinkhole DevilFlatwoods MonsterBobak FerdowsiLycaon lepusWee nervous pigsBradfordFlying hell pigSevered zombie headPink flying pigGrumpy old manAnemoneLight-up Jack-o’lanterns


side project in which I extrude other people's drawings
DuchessPresident BirdTJ & AmalMountain kelpie (female)SkatebuttThe RabbitsDaltonBarbary SheepOnion BabyFoxGiraffeDeathHamelinian Rat

Creative Commons License Everything here is made by a Leticia Rocha-Živadinović
of some sort, or otherwise righteously stolen.